Horizontal Laminar Air Flow

Horizontal Laminar Air Flow

Laminar Air Flows are designed to offer the highest product protection for samples and processes by providing ISO Class 5 particle free work area. The LAFs with various air-flow patterns offer proven protection for the samples and processes. The work area is continuously supplied with positive pressure HEPA filtered air flow.



Air cleanlinessISO Class 5 (ISO 14644-1:1999 (E))
Air Velocities0.45 ± 0.05 mps
Air FlowHorizontal
Noise LevelLess than 67 dB
Vibration LevelMinimum
Light intensity> 300 lux
Power Supply230V AC 1-Ø 50HZ

General Specifications

  • Glass Side panels
  • Two Stage filtration
  • EU6 – Prefilters (95% down to 5 micron)
  • EU14 – HEPA Filter (99.999% down to 0.3 micron) at supply position
  • Statically & Dynamically balanced Motor-blower with suspension arrangement to reduce noise level
  • SS work table with due reinforcement
  • Fluorescent Lights with Milky White Diffuser
  • Differential Pressure Gauge : 1 No
  • ON/OFF Switches
  • Clean Down Timer with Operation HOLD indicator
  • DOP Test Port
  • 5/15 Amp Switch Socket for external equipment

Options and Accessories

A wide range of configurations to suit any containment application:

  • Front doors (hinged/pneumatic cylinder)
  • U. V. Light with Hour Meter
  • Air / Gas Cock
  • Night Mode Operation
  • Filter blocked alarms (audible and visible)
  • Velocity display with alarms (audible and visible)
  • Explosion proof electrics for Flame-proof applications

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